Week Ending 24th June 2012

How can a Number 4 song go to the top of the French singles chart the week after when its download sales have decreased for the third week in a row ? It’s possible when that song got a physical release the week before. So, Tacabro is the new Number One with “Tacatà” with 9877 sales (+32%) thanks to the physical ones (2643). It’s interesting to notice that the release of a CD single can still have an impact on the French singles in 2012…Otherwise the song would have stayed at 4 with 7234 download sales (-3%).

The unlucky one this week is Carly Rae Jepsen who is down one place at 2 even if the sales of her song “Call Me Maybe” have increased for the fourth week in a row (9539 sales, +3%). But we can think she could be back at the top very soon.

In its 8th week in the top 10, the former Number One “Balada” is also down a place at 3 for Gusttavo Lima (8120 sales, -6%). Flo Rida gets his fourth Top 5 in France (after “Right Round” featuring Ke$ha number 2 in 2009, “Where Them Girls At”  with David Guetta and Nicki Minaj number 4 in 2011, and “Good Feeling” number 3 in 2011) as “Whistle” is up three places to number 4 (7052, +16%). Pitbull is also in the right direction because his “Back In Time” climbs one place to 5 with 6986 sales (from 6976 last week).

Sales of “Skinny Love” by Birdy are down for a second week (6371, -10%) as it’s down one place at 6. After three “difficult” weeks (5-7-8-9), Sexion D’Assaut are back climbing the chart, “Ma Direction” is up from 9 to 7. In their 18th week in the top 10, Gotye and Kimbra are down 5 places from 3 to 8 with “Somebody That I Used To Know” (5960 sales, -21%). The rest of the top 10 : at 9, it’s down a place for Matt Houston featuring P-Square with “Positif”, and “Rayos De Sol” is new in the top 10, up one place for Jose De Rico featuring Henry Mendez.

It’s a bad week for international hits as “Princess Of China” is down a place at 25 for Coldplay featuring Rihanna, “We Are Young” is down from 25 to 30 for fun. featuring Janelle Monáe, Usher is down 6 places at 35 with “Scream”, and Justin Bieber is down 8 places at 36 with “Boyfriend”.

Have a very good week !

Week Ending 17th June 2012

We have a new number one this week !!! So, is it Birdy who was number 2 last week ? No. Is it Tacabro who has been in the top 3 for the last two weeks ? No. In fact, the new number one is Carly Rae Jepsen, from last week’s number four with “Call Me Maybe”. Yet her sales have not improved that much (9224, only 51 more sales from last week !) and they represent the second lowest sales for a number one for the last 36 weeks ! Only Gotye and Kimbra in their last week at the top had smaller sales in their last week at the top 3 weeks ago (8553).

So, Gusttavo Lima only spent 2 weeks at number one and is now at 2 with “Balada”. It’s the second week in a row that his sales decreased (8632, -22%), so we can think that his days at the top are over, but who knows ? Indeed, it was difficult to predict that Gotye featuring Kimbra would climb the chart this week ! They are up 2 places to three with “Somebody That I Used To Know” even if their sales are down (7564, -9%).

We can see it’s a low sales-week, indeed Tacabro, for example, is only down a place at 4 with “Tacatà” but his sales have decreased by 23% (7483) ! It’s worse for Birdy who is down three places at 5 with “Skinny Love” (7053, -33%).

Pitbull is still climbing the chart, up one place this week with “Back In Time” at 6 (6976 sales). Flo Rida has a very good week too, as he’s up from 9 to 7 with “Whistle” (6077 sales). Matt Houston is not as lucky as them because his “Positif” (featuring P-Square) is down 2 at number eight (5948 sales).

Bad news for Sexion D’Assaut, their song “Ma Direction” is down one place at 9 (5575 sales), but I have better news for them, as they put a third song in the top 10 in 2012 : “Wati House” is up three places to 10 (4907 sales).

Thanks to its use by the French TV Channel TF1 for the football matches at the Euro 2012, M83 climb the chart, they are up a massive 69-places, from 81 to 12, with “Midnight City” (4616 sales). Other interesting climbs of the week : “Princess Of China” is up 11 places to number 24 for Coldplay featuring Rihanna, and Usher is up from 39 to 29 with “Scream”.

Have a great week !!!

Week Ending 10th June 2012

Gusttavo Lima spends a second week at the top of the French singles chart with “Balada” but his sales have decreased for the first time (11057, -8%). Will the Brazilian singer spend a third week at number one ? It’s not sure at all because his main challenger is Birdy who is up 5 places and is also only 480 sales behind him (10577). “Skinny Love” gets its best position, 4 weeks after having been at number 4.

Last week we could think that Tacabro could hold the number one this week, but he is down one place at 3 with “Tacata'”, moreover his sales have (like Gusttavo Lima) decreased for the first time (from 9760 last week to 9735). Even if she stays at 4, Carly Rae Jepsen has a very good week. Indeed, her “Call Me Maybe” registers its best-sales-week (9173 sales, +15%). It’s impressive because it’s her 7th week in the top 10.

A former number one for nine weeks, Gotye featuring Kimbra are down two places to 5 with “Somebody That I Used To Know” in their 16th week in the top 10 (8337 sales, -4% only).

There are not great changes on the positions between 6 and 10 : at 6, Matt Houston featuring P-Square are down for the 1st time with “Positif “ (from 5), Pitbull is still improving his position with “Back In Time” (from 9 to 7), “Ma Direction” for Sexion D’Assaut is down two places at number 8, Flo Rida gets his best position this week at 9 with “Whistle” (up 1), and Rihanna is down two places in her 9th week in the top 10 with “Where Have You Been” at 10.

Sexion D’Assaut have now three songs in the top 20 : “Ma Direction” (as mentioned above), “Wati House” is up eight places to number 13, whereas “Avant Qu’Elle Parte” (a former number 3 for nine non-consecutive weeks !) is down two places to 20.

Finally, we can notice that the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Loreen, only spent two weeks in the top 50 with “Euphoria”, she is down a massive 50 places (!) from 26 to 76.

Have a very good week.